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Specialisms & Interests include: #Fintech, #RegTech, #Crowdfunding, Alt-Finance, the Crowd-Economy & Technology More at

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The Future of Crowdfunding - An Interview with Danae Ringelmann

What Will Define The Future of Crowdfunding?

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#FinTech and #Crowdfunding: Friend or Foe? - Crowdfund Insider

Crowdfunding and 'Alt-Finance' are of course one of the cornerstones of FinTech as key parts of the 'Finance' leg. Although FinTech is broader-based encomp...

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The Birth of #RegTech - Real Enabler of #Fintech?

How come the UK leads the world in #Fintech - and where did #RegTech come from.

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Crowdfunding Centre States Innovation Has Exploded Worldwide (Infographic) - Crowdfund Insider

UK’s Crowdfunding Centre is queuing up a new report called 2016: The State of the Crowdfunding Nation. This report is said to reveal data from the Centre's...

Equity Crowdfunding is in Need of Leadership - Crowdfund Insider

Your Leadership, Freedom & Independence this 4th July. Dear Mr President, Your leadership is needed in a matter which affects America and us all. A mat...

Crowdfunding, Parliament & The Gagging of YouTube, Twitter & Social Media: A 'Terrifying Misuse of Legislation" - Crowdfund Insider

What has been called a "Terrifying Misuse of Legislation" was debated Thursday at the Westminster Crowdfunding Forum where it was unanimously agreed that i...

Letters to UK Government are Critical of FCA Regulatory Approach on Crowdfunding - Crowdfund Insider

In two public letters the UK based Social Foundation and the Crowdfunding Centre openly pose the question, "Is the Government Guilty of Financial Discrimin...

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Fears of Crowdfunding Crackdown in UK Appear Unwarranted - Crowdfund Insider

In several recent headlines in the UK press there have been statements that "Crowdfunders Face Crackdown"  as latent fear for investor protection creeps in...

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Growing Pains as Global Crowdfunding Comes of Age - Crowdfund Insider

It's growing up fast. As crowdfunding hits what I suppose you might call it's second official birthday on 5th April – Global Crowdfunding Day (#GlobalCFDay...

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Crowdfunding Research - What Wins? - Crowdfund Insider

Forget the hype. A team of hard-data scientists - including at least one who is an expert in studying the formation of ecosystems - from UC Santa Barbara h...

Taxing Crowdfunds: Canary Wharf Hack Moot In The Face of Brussels Butchery of EU VAT Laws - Crowdfund Insider

EU Poised to Tax Crowdfunding Campaigns Potentially Killing Off Source of SME Funding Will Crowdfunders from the US and across the world be caught in the c...

About Us - Crowdfund Insider

Our Passion Crowdfund Insider is the leading news and information web site covering the emerging global industry of disruptive finance including crowdfundi...

James: The fin-tech world tour with Ryan Ortega

As you may know I’ve been spending time recently with some of the leading figures from the world of fin-tech as part of my ongoing Fintech World Tour. The San Francisco Bay Area, aka Silicon Valley…...

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#BizTech: Naming names and unbundling business

Envisioning A New Industry Just as the banks businesses are being unbundled so is business more generally. Atomized, deconstructed. Made leaner fitter and more agile. This is a result of a changed …...